::the movie::

Although I've seen worse, I've also seen a lot better. The AMG! OAVs were much better, and did a more accurate job of portraying the goddesses. Since I've also read the Manga, I feel that the attempt at Peorth was poorly done as well.

My first problem with the movie was the fact that they portrayed Urd to be a little too...nice (I'm not saying Urd is really mean towards everyone, she just seemed a little too...together in the movie). Grant it, in later issues of the Manga, Urd has mellowed a bit, and does appear as a more amiable and somewhat responsible person. However, she still teases Skuld at the drop of a hat, and I found only one or two instances in the movie where Urd makes a crack towards Skuld. I also found that Urd drank a little less sake than usual (yes, I know it was during a crisis situation, but still...).

My next problem was the fact that Peorth never said a French word throughout the entire movie. Whoever made this movie didn't stay very in synch with the Manga. Every other word out of Peorth's mouth is supposed to be French (she does it to be cool), not to mention she and Urd have never been that buddy-buddy. I highly doubt Peorth would ever say anything like "My prayers are with you" to Urd (or anyone, since Peorth is rather obnoxious) in the Manga. Plus, doesn't she work for a rival agency in Yggdrasil anyway? I mean, I know a problem in heaven is still a problem in heaven, but...

In this movie, Belldandy proves that whining can be an art. Not only does she cry and moan in practically every scene throughout the movie, she makes you want to puke with her constant sweetness and apologetic attitude towards everything. The movie probably could've been about an hour shorter if she just wasted Celestine when she had the chance (and she had several).

Keiichi and Skuld (as well as the minor characters) were kept really well in tact. They were true to their character and got appropriate amount of screentime. I was majorly pissed, however, that Sayoko wasn't seen in the movie. She happens to be my favorite mortal character, and the fact that she wasn't in the movie irritates me.

World of Elegance and Noble Scarlet looked superb throughout the entire movie. Holy Bell's hair wasn't as fluff and thick as it is in the Manga, and the spikes coming out of her back was a definate no-no. The Angel battles (Urd vs. Belldandy, Urd vs. Morgan) were fantastic (graphic-wise) and true to the Manga. I also feel that making the Angels like 'mirrors' (such as Noble Scarlet's face expressions matching Skuld's) was wonderfully done, and no one can resist the scene where World of Elegance catches Urd after being blasted back by Belldandy's power.

Celestine was cool only because of the voice actor who did him (David Lucas), but he fit the typical AMG! bad guy who wants nothing but love and happiness for Belldandy, but is romantically psycho. Morgan was also another typical character; one that is heart-broken and simply mis-guided, but eventually turned over to good in the end. The Manga represents similar villains with similar goals, but that's what makes AMG! such a happy and romantic Anime/Manga.

One thing I really liked about the movie was the fact that the goddesses were given 'battle gear.' If you've seen the movie, you'll notice that during the main battle of the movie, Urd, Skuld, and Belldandy kick it into high gear with a new look. Belldandy's battle gear looked kind of like her regular goddess uniform, and Skuld's kept some of the pinkish color of her regular outfit, but Urd's was completely different. Instead of the blue dress thingy, she went to all black (or maybe mostly, it was hard to tell) colors (to represent her demon side?).

Another thing I was impressed with was the reference to their alternate sources of energy. After Belldandy falls asleep from using too much power, Urd walks into the room with sake and offers ice cream to Skuld. I enjoyed that scene, as I felt it was well done.

David Lucas, who did the voice of Celestine, was the only voice actor I was impressed with. Belldandy's was close, since her voice was so whiny, but I still perfered the previous voice actors (the ones for the OAVs) to the ones chosen for the movie. Urd's was decent, but Lanelle Markgraff was much more proficient at capturing Urd's, well, Urd-ness. ^^ Skuld's voice was horrible, and whoever did Keiichi was a little too manly sounding. Come on, we all know Keiichi is a dork!

Although the music was well done, I didn't particularly enjoy it. The music for the OAVs was much better, and I think it would have been better to keep some of the original OAV music rather than make new sounds for the movie.

All in all, the movie was enjoyable, and I'm glad I picked it up. Like I said, there were a lot of flaws, but perhaps I'm just being picky. I found that the movie revolved a bit too much around Belldandy for my taste, but a Belldandy fan is gonna' love it. Skuld got little to no screentime (which was fine with me), and Urd took the role of being in charge when everyone else had fallen apart (which was one of the few things they got correct about Urd's character).

Ah! My Goddess The Movie is a must for any fan of the series' collection. While many may be disappointed at the poor representation of the characters (especially Urd and Peorth fans), it is still an entertaining movie to watch, and I suggest you pick it up sometime when you've got some spare change lying around. Definately pick up the DVD, since you get to view the first episode of "The Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses" (very funny) in the extras menu.