::favorite characters::

I think it's obvious, ne? Urd is by far my favorite of the bunch. She gives a whole new meaning to wild and sexy, and is a large part of the 'comic relief' found in AMG!. Although she calms down a bit as the series progresses, she is definately a major protagonist and antagonist (yes, I did say antagonist) to the storyline. Besides, who else can we count on to perform risky experiments on Keiichi?

--Mara (Marller)
Hehe. If it wasn't for Urd, I'd be making a shrine to Mara right now. She's probably one of the best Anime bad guys for the simple reason that she's so incredibly funny while she's terrorizing the Goddesses. I mean, who else can slack off and go on a vacation with her greatest enemies (she ends up playing video games and singing karaoke) and have a wonderful time doing it? She definately adds a lot of the pointlessness to the already pointless comic, AMG!.

The (former) Queen of Nekomi Tech. Beautiful, popular, smart, and completely vain, Sayoko is the perfect example of arrogance and self-righteousness. However, those are the traits that make her so...human. By far, she is the best mortal character in the series, as she is one of the few who does not drool over Belldandy (and trust me, it's easy to like a character who doesn't like Belldandy). She is used on a number of occasions by Mara to help her best the Goddesses, which makes her all the more likeable.

--"The Almighty"
Don't ask me why, but I love this guy. Whenever he shoots a thunderbolt down to punish Urd, I just can't help but laugh my ass off. Not to mention when Urd calls him "Daddy," your heart just kind of melts. Plus, what little you see of him in the Anime, he looks really cute! ^^